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Splurging on home luxuries in Omaha, NE

As most of our clients are spending more time in their home, they are recognizing the need for updates and are looking to add more “home luxuries.” We’ve noticed that our clients are using their intended travel and vacation budget on home improvements. However, they aren’t just doing the basic updates. We have spent more design time on “vacation at home” projects, including pools and pool houses, spas, and outdoor living spaces –  Lorele Lesoing, Lee Douglas Interiors 

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Top Interior Designers Reveal the Most Popular Trends in their City

With all the time spent at home recently, you might be starting to grow tired of the same home decor you’ve had for years. You’ve likely been scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration or maybe you’ve been looking at beautifully-staged homes for sale online. No matter where you’re looking for design ideas, it can be overwhelming to find a starting point, let alone a style that fits your home. Don’t worry though, the searching stops here. To help spark your creativity in redesigning your home, we’ve asked interior designers from across the country to share the most popular trends in their city. Here’s what the top interior designers say are in — and what’s out — when it comes to interior design trends this year. 

wood beam ceilings white couch brick fireplace

All things natural in Birmingham, AL

Alabama is seeing a huge trend in natural materials as the accents in every design. Grasscloth treatments on the wall, cedar beams on ceiling applications, and creative uses of natural stone are just a few examples. Texture layering is taking a priority over pattern and color, as neutrals are still holding strong. – Nicole Shultz, Limerence Design

Industrial modern flair in Anchorage, AK

Alaskan new build homes are embracing the use of multi-surface exterior siding to include concrete, sheet metal, and iron. The trend to mix and match results in an industrial modern flair and proves highly practical for our oftentimes harsh climate. – Scotti Steele, Steele The Stage

Embracing rustic contemporary designs in Prescott, AZ

The most popular style trend in Prescott is rustic contemporary. Open floor plan homes with high ceilings, featuring rough sawn beams paired with clean lines, white and muted earth tones, warm wood flooring, sleek granite and quartz countertops, and lots of large windows to showcase the breathtaking scenery are highly sought after. When a client requests a pop of color, it is typically utilized in art and other decorative accent pieces. – Christine Hardin, Niche Design Co.

Enjoying the scenery and outdoor spaces in Little Rock, AR

Clients have shifted towards wanting to create or expand on their outdoor living spaces, such as extending decks, adding built-in seating such as banquettes around the perimeter, to even adding simple exterior touches such as window boxes with flowers or sprucing up the landscaping. Since Arkansas is “the natural state,” the scenery and surroundings are always so beautiful here so I love that I’m seeing a shift towards them being enjoyed more in our own back and front yards. – Kathryn J. LeMaster, Kathryn J. LeMaster Art & Design

Neutrals are always in season in San Diego, CA

Oversized windows and doors that allow for a year-round indoor/outdoor living concept are a top trend. Natural elements and neutral palettes that flow with the exterior – too many bold colors and patterns tend to take away from letting the surrounding views shine. Whites and woods in any combination are always in season. – Aleigh Sampson, Dwelling Well Design 

stylish interior design living room white couch black accents

“Sacred luxe” is what interior designers are loving in Los Angeles, CA

We’re beginning to see a transformation emerge, particularly in large-scale homes where it can be challenging to create an overall look that feels warm and inviting, into highly personalized spaces that are vibrant, healing, and uplifting. Each design decision – from color palette to furniture choice, lighting, art and decor – is becoming so personality-rich it’s generating an overall soulful look and feel to a home. Our approach is to think in terms of liveable sanctuaries, spaces that work for you rather than against you. We like to call it Sacred Luxe. – Kim Colwell, Kim Colwell Design 

Maximalism meets exoticism in high-end Greenwich, CT homes

With our high-end clientele, the most confident of the three prevailing current trends is maximalism meets exoticism. Each piece is a standout work of art but restrained enough to showcase the exotic colors of the current aviary trend we are seeing. Picture a tropical bird’s plumage—the blues, greens, reds, and oranges are now being joined with purple and lilac hues and mixed with the softer tones of aqua mint in the areas of art, fabric, and rug design. The complexity and beauty of this trend is indescribable and palpable. – Beth Krupa, Beth Krupa Interiors

Traditional and transitional vs. contemporary styles in Davie, FL 

Traditional and transitional style homes are the predominant type of construction throughout our beautiful city of Davie and vicinities. However, more contemporary style homes have been recently found. Blu Ink Interiors’ general style is the perfect balance between clean, colorful and neutral finishes, with well thought out spaces. – Juanita Sierra, Blu Ink Interiors

Swapping Mediterranean styling for coastal contemporary in Naples, FL

The trends we are seeing in SWFL are the continued rapid removal of the Mediterranean styling and a push for coastal contemporary. This light, airy, and crisp design aesthetic is also morphing as homeowners look for their own personality. We are seeing mid-century modern and farmhouse influences woven into the designs. – Lisa Davenport, LDD Interiors 

blue and white home office view

An eclectic modern style for the emerging home office trend in Atlanta, GA

A dedicated home office space that incorporates technology and comfort to promote a productive work environment has been trending here in Atlanta. Especially as many people are now working from home and potentially will be for the rest of 2020. We are seeing an eclectic modern mid-century style trend with natural tones and pops of blues. Try Sherwin Williams “Waterloo” and lots of natural light to increase calmness and boost productivity in your home office. – Lara Morrill, Acquire & Design 

Industrial farmhouse is a top trend in Yorkville, IL 

The trend that we are currently seeing our clients ask for is the “industrial farmhouse.” Industrial farmhouse style combines the comfortable and warm, open farmhouse atmosphere with the edgy lines of industrial style. These edgy lines might be in the form of floating shelves, hog wire stair railings,or edison lights. Because the industrial look can feel cold at times, the combination of the two can warm the house up and give a good contrast between city and country living. – Cheryl Lee, CL Design-Build

Interior designers are getting creative with terra cotta in Barrington, IL 

We’re seeing common themes like old techniques that are making a comeback and an emphasis on earthy tones and natural materials. One trend we’ve seen is terra cotta. Simple and straightforward, perfectly imperfect –  that is the natural beauty that terra cotta brings to a space. Warm in its orangey-pink hue, or achieving a variety of sun-kissed colors, this material makes a wonderful choice if you are seeking texture in your space. – Kate Marker, Kate Marker Interiors 

Creating “wow” moments by color-contrasting in New Orleans, LA

Neutral wall colors throughout the house are themes with most of my clients and we introduce contrasting “wow” moments with deliberate color-contrasting selections in specific rooms. From painting bedroom doors black, to painting a foyer closet floor-to-ceiling in a high-gloss orange, to custom hand-painted wall murals in bathrooms. Creating special moments throughout the house introduces elements of surprise and unexpected moments of joy. – Sherry Shirah, Sherry Shirah Designs

stylish living room zebra rug blue velvet chair large windows

Incorporating texture and neutrals in Baltimore, MD 

For 2020, I am still seeing the gray/greige trend hanging around, but neutrals and updated beiges are being added into the mix too. If your decor is falling flat, generally it’s not a color problem, but a texture problem. Add soft pillows, fluffy throw blankets, raw, natural wood, galvanized tins and shiny metals and your space will come to life! Vinyl or laminate “wood look” flooring is extremely popular. These products have come a long way and given the ease of maintenance, are often preferred over real hardwood. Gone are the days of trying to keep dark floors clean. Today’s trends opt for a lighter color palette. – Jenna McElwain, Jenna Nicole Interiors 

Saying goodbye to “all grey everything” in Minneapolis, MN

We are seeing the resurgence of warm colors and tones as we move away from the “all grey everything” in Minneapolis. Mixing a cool and warm palette ensures that the designs are fresh but also timeless. – Kelly Hayes, Carriage House Studio 

Splurging on home luxuries and stained finishes in Omaha, NE

As most of our clients are spending more time in their home, they are recognizing the need for updates and are looking to add more “home luxuries.” We’ve noticed that our clients are using their intended travel and vacation budget on home improvements. However, they aren’t just doing the basic updates. We have spent more design time on “vacation at home” projects, including pools and pool houses, spas, and outdoor living spaces –  Lorele Lesoing, Lee Douglas Interiors 

I’ve noticed a shift back towards stained cabinetry albeit in a clean, more modern way. With so many homes that were built in the 80’s-early 2000’s being heavy with red oak (cabinets, flooring, and trim altogether), it became popular to paint these for a more modern look. But, recently, a lot of projects are moving towards staining these floors really light and adding stained cabinets instead of painted. – Leah Scheppers, Iconic Styling 

Appreciating the feeling of home in New Hampshire 

We live in a conservative refuge of a land in New England and Southwest New Hampshire, not altogether influenced by trends. However, I am seeing a greater appreciation for home as a refuge and joy which translates to neutral kitchens and baths, a taste for luxury indulgences wherever possible, and pops of bright colors in art and accent. I am also seeing a great deal of confidence and willingness for self expression. – Ann Henderson Interiors, The Art of Inside

Modern living room tan couch animal print rug

All about the faux alternatives in Milburn, NJ

One of the more popular trends that I have seen this year is the move toward faux animal skins. The color and diversity available has offered the homeowner so many choices to create a beautiful design for their home with a cruelty-free product. Moreover, the price point of the faux alternatives is attractive. – Risha Walden, Walden Interiors 

Interior designers are going bold with the blue hues in Atlantic Highlands, NJ 

Go bold with rich blues. Anything from blue kitchen cabinets to a blue tiled wall in a bathroom, our clients have been loving bold blues. Being near the shore, our clients are inspired to bring the colors of the ocean and sky into their homes. We don’t see this trend going anywhere soon. – Katy Champion-Uras, Swell Design Co. 

Carving out a space of your own in Cliffside Park, NJ

New Jersey was one of the hardest states hit initially by the pandemic. We are redesigning spaces such as parts of guest rooms, small nooks in the master bedroom, and areas in larger closets. We’ve even changed walk-in closets into rooms with lush comfortable chairs, ottomans, chaises, small tables, and desks separate from the hustle and bustle of the family. The color palette seems to have a spa-like quality in soft grays or beiges for the walls and furniture with accent colors in jewel tones. – Jennifer Lewicki, Judi Schwarz Interiors

The home office might be here to stay. Add an ergonomic chair with an attached computer tray or a height adjustable standing desk. You can create a home office out of a walk-in closet, a shed in your driveway or backyard, part of an enclosed terrace in your apartment, or just a small corner of a den, bedroom, or kitchen. Use a curtain, a room divider, or a decorative screen. Carve out your space, it’s like a treasure hunt just find the clues to your personal treasure. – Judi Schwarz, Judi Schwarz Interiors

contemporary interior design large windows

Loving natural light in Raleigh, NC

In North Carolina, we enjoy an abundance of sunshine and an equal amount of beautiful trees. That translates to a lot of design attention on windows in our homes — from the advances in the construction phase right down to the DIY or professional installation of UV films inside to protect floors and fabrics. This is a trend that just keeps getting stronger and at every price point. Homeowners want to bring in the sun and feel the presence of the great outdoors from every possible room. – Anne DeCocco, DeCocco Design 

Creating a peaceful space for yourself in Charlotte, NC

More recently, my clients have requested spaces to be delegated for quiet activities such as reading, listening to music, meditating, or yoga. Work-from-home areas could also meet this need, if technology such as a laptop or printer can be hidden from view and softer furnishings, a comfy sofa/loveseat, or pair of chairs with an ottoman can be incorporated. They’re also drawn towards outdoor living and dining with water features and lush plantings, fueled by their desire to have a greater connection to nature, fresh air, and a sense of wellbeing. – Wanda Horton, Wanda S. Horton Interior Design 

Saying goodbye to typical white kitchens and subway tile in Columbus, OH 

The trend in Columbus is finally getting away from white kitchens & subway tile. For so long everyone just wanted white cabinets, counters, and subway tile backsplash – which I understand – it’s a classic. But it gets a bit repetitive and boring. People are finally stepping outside of their comfort zone and either doing a dark island to change it up, or a different color all together. I have seen a lot of “mushroom” colored cabinets, which I’m loving along with a solid marble backsplash to kick it up a notch. – Brittany Poll, WILL + BLU

Interior designers are having fun with deco tiles in Portland, OR 

In Portland, homeowners are ready for open and airy bathrooms with frameless glass and floor to ceiling tiles. Clients are in love with all the striking deco tiles that are on the market. We’ve been adding them to backsplashes, floors, accent walls, and showers. Overall, you will find that both modern and classic homes have touches of personality in just the right dose. – Ellen Bene, Bene Interiors 

white cabinet kitchen wood shelves blue wall

Mixing traditional concepts with modern elements is trending in Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia suburb known as the Main Line hews to a traditional paradigm with modern elements thrown in for relevancy and interest. Neutral color palettes remain popular with bold contrasting colors, like navy blue or teal, on a kitchen island or accent wall. Large, open concept kitchens (white cabinets) and performance fabrics are still going strong. Contemporary statement lighting plus modern pieces combined with traditional furnishings, are a popular mix that’s not your mother’s Main Line. – Kat Robbins, Kat Robbins Interiors

Keeping it light and bright in South Dakota

The name of the game in South Dakota is definitely light and bright. What has been known over the last 10-15 years as the “Dakota Brown State,” finally seems to be coming out of its shell. We have loved working with our clients to find ways to bring life and light into their homes while sticking with an overall subdued pallet that allows them to feel comfortable with the change yet excited for the new possibilities the light brings with it! – Ashley Dupert, Omorfia Designs Inc. 

Investing in high-end kitchens in Nashville, TN 

Homeowners today are re-evaluating the importance of home and placing more emphasis than ever on the functionality of the kitchen. Previously, my clients have been somewhat cautious with their finish selections, always having resale value in mind even in a custom home. Today homeowners are feeling more committed to their homes, which results in them being more likely to splurge on a high-end specialty item, like a La Cornue or Lacanche range that ends up being the piece de resistance. – Lindsay Hunter, Hunter Design 

Finding warm textures and updated finishes in Houston, TX 

Right now it is more important than ever for people to feel comfortable in their homes. We’re seeing warm finishes and textured furniture pieces making a comeback in a big way. Wooden furniture and cabinetry are made fresh again using updated finishes like cerused oak and by bringing in unique textures such as fluted doors on a bathroom vanity or reeded drawer fronts on dressers. Bringing in these warm, textural elements creates a welcoming and cozy feel that is crucial right now when we’re all spending much more time at home. – Stacy Graves, Stacy Graves Interiors 

outdoor patio high ceilings blue cushions

Moving away from the “hill country” style to a more modern aesthetic in San Antonio, TX

The trends that I’m seeing in San Antonio specifically would be the change from the “hill country” look of browns, a lot of wood, and earthy elements (very Texas-y) to wanting to really lighten and brighten their homes. Homeowners are doing this with white cabinets, grays and whites on the walls, and light colored furniture with pops of color in accessories and artwork. There’s definitely a shift to a more modern aesthetic of how people want their homes to look. – Melissa Fields, Shades of Gray Design 

Embracing strong, dark colors — and even wallpaper — in Richmond, VA

Richmond has an interesting mix of older traditional and transitional new construction homes. What we are seeing that bridges the gap between these very different types of houses are homeowners that are embracing strong dark colors, clean lined furniture, and wallpaper. Wallpaper has especially become a favorite for those who want to try something new in order to spruce up or add a focal point to a room. – Gayatri Choudhary, GC Interiors 

Interior designers are blending traditional and modern styles in Spokane, WA

In the past few years, Spokane has seen an influx of individuals moving from Western Washington and California, which has introduced more modern and contemporary aesthetics to an otherwise traditional and rustic setting. As a result, the people of Spokane are becoming more bold in their choices, incorporating the new and exciting with their traditional tastes. It is exciting to see, as many of the older and historic homes are also being updated to reflect the unique personalities and blended styles of the homeowners. – Jamie Hartshorn, Jamie Nell Design

Loving outdoor living spaces in Mercer Island, WA

The biggest trend we are seeing right now is a request for highly functional outdoor living spaces that are an extension of our interiors. Since we offer an assortment of outdoor shade, furniture, and area rugs as well, we can create a dynamic and highly integrated living and dining solution to compliment any style of architecture. – Dawn Wilkinson, Six Walls Interior Design 

Incorporating patterns and pops of color in Seattle, WA 

This year, we have found that our clients want to make the most of every space in their home; think powder rooms, hallways, and entryways. We have loved transforming these small spaces and creating beautiful design surprises with wallpaper. A pattern or pop of color is an easy way to add interest and sophistication to a previously forgotten room. – Becky Ducsik, The Phinery 

All about the eclectic accessories in Wyoming 

For a number of years the trend in our area has shifted away from the traditional mountain lodge interiors towards minimalist design. While I’m all for uncluttered interiors, they can feel a bit impersonal. I’m happy to see clients refocusing on accessories that bring a bit of fun into their homes. One trend which offers endless quirks is “faux taxidermy,” incorporating items as far ranging as Pendleton wrapped deer mounts to crocheted bighorn sheep busts, or glam chrome faux antler chandeliers. This is a way for clients to set the tone for a none-too-serious home. Vintage ski accessories are still a trend, but there is so much more than the expected wood skis mounted in an “X” above a river rock fireplace.  – Shannon White, Shannon White Design



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