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There is an overall trend toward simpler living and low-maintenance designs accented with fresh pops. The trend toward simplicity is also manifested in a growing demand for safer, healthier, green, and more sustainable homes. When your home has “good bones” but needs to join the current era-contact us.

If you aren’t convinced yet, close your eyes and picture your home only with a spa-like master bath, a playroom that hides the mess, or an outdoor kitchen that makes your home the “go-to” spot for your gang.

Our in-house interior designers have a wealth of expertise and creativity that will save you time, money, and lessen stress. We can design, construct, and manage the project from beginning to end, or as directed.

We got this!

“Lincoln is our home away from home, and where we go to spend time away from the ball park. When we built our Lincoln home, Lee Douglas took the time to get to know us and captured our true style.

They produced a plan that actually worked for us and looks amazing.

That is what sold us on never doing a project without Lorele and Meg from Lee Douglas again, so Kansas City has become their new stomping ground!

They helped us find and completely redesign our Kansas City home, then surprise a baby girl. They designed an addition for her that couldn’t be more perfect, and it looks like it has been part of the house the whole time.

Our next project is in the works and is our final landing spot in KC. But before we even called the contractor, we called Lee Douglas. They capture our true selves and turn our house into our home every time. I want our homes to look amazing but allow us to live there-kids, dogs, guests, sports and all.”

Alex and Jamie Gordon

Kansas City Royals #4


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