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It’s our job to know what’s out there, to know the rules of design and when you can opt to kick the rules to the curb. You can spend the same amount of money right or you can spend it wrong, so why not pick our brain.

Consult us about all things design

Consult with us about your floor plan- Did you know there is a way to design your space according to how you live? Genius!!

Do you really want everything in your hands to land on the kitchen island? Do you really want to drop your dirty clothes in your closet hamper and then once a week drudge them to your laundry room across the house or down the stairs- Why?

If you’re lucky enough to be planning to build, planning is the keyword. Let us have our way with your space, let us show you how your house could really flow. You’d be amazed at what we can do with space planning.

Consult with us about your permanent interior selections- For example lighting, how do I buy the right lighting, how much lighting, what about task lighting, do I care about the lumens, what are lumens? See…’s not just about picking something quick and trendy. It’s about picking something right in scale, function layered correctly, and illuminating correctly. And that’s just lights……

Consult with us about color- Yes there is a science to color- or you can wing it, your choice……..

Consult about mixing textures – Can I mix materials like metal and wood? How can I get an interesting texture? Ask us, we got this!

Consult with us about how to accessorize- Don’t just load up those bookshelves with annoying accessories. Choose wisely, invest in pieces you love, and create a hierarchy of elements. Let us create an instant visual impact. Every square inch can be interesting and done creatively – why wouldn’t you call us?

Consult with us before taking risks- Should I paint my brick white? Huge success or failure. Don’t take risks without consulting us. When do you keep historic brick its original color and do something else to make it trendy and when do you realize your base grade brick needs a fresh face with some paint…..but wait what color should I use?

Consult with us about scale – Scale can make or break your space. Not only can we tell you if that ginormous sectional will fit through the door, but we can also tell you if it will make it around the corner or down the stairs. But most importantly we can tell you if there be any space in the room after it lands there.

Let us lay out your wishes and dreams on paper before you pay for something that just won’t work.

There is design and then there is decorating. We can guide your design or decorate like a bazillionaire without spending like one. Don’t make rookie decorating moves. We live for site visits, install days, and big reveals. Consult with us.


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