This is Personal

It’s that feeling you get when you enter a space that says something.

Sometimes it’s a good feeling, sometimes one that you’re not so sure about- it’s emotion. When you walk into a room you should feel it, not just see it. Exceptional space design should create a feeling. It should tell you something about the person who inhabits the space. This is personal-

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“I live for the hunt, the hunt to find those perfect pieces, refined eye candy for your space. Your space should be you, that perfect mix of classic yet trendy; whimsical and elegant, and chic yet comfy. In short you can have it all. #winning!


Recent Projects


Cindy R.

“Lorele is AWESOME!! We had such a great experience building our house. She is intuitive and careful of our needs, and gave us great guidance. We had built a home in the past without a designer and couldn’t believe the difference. Because we were busy with work and family, we let our builder made the decisions, and regretted it when we had to remodel and change SO many things. With Lee Douglas having products available onsite, we had unique selections in lighting, flooring and paint – under budget in most categories! Two of our children are building and after looking at other designer’s work in the Parade of Homes, they would ONLY have Lee Douglas – even our son who lives in Texas!!”

Anne D.

“Kelly Grimm was incredibly helpful. I had no idea what to do with my living room. It has huge vaulted ceilings and it felt impossible to decorate. Kelly came in and did a perfect job putting together a beautiful room exactly to my taste.”

Donna A.

“We enjoyed working with Abby from Lee Douglas because she made it so easy to select the theatre seating we purchased over a year ago. Abby is passionate and knowledgeable about interior design and she is the reason I continue to shop at this unique store!”

Whitney M.

Age 5
“Lee Douglas helped us build our house. Lindsay was so helpful. She let me choose a fun pink ceiling color named Razzle Dazzle for my room. I even got to take real notes. Everyone there was so friendly and I loved being Allison’s helper at all the meetings.”

Maude M.

“First of all, I have to say that Kelly’s patience was top of the charts.  She lets you lay out your vision and ideas and then adds hers on to yours. She makes sure you have your concept accommodated first. She did not impose or coerce my husband and I towards and idea that was outside our original desire. This made us feel like we were heard. She also thinks long term for you and asks questions that you would not otherwise consider asking. Over the years, she has only gotten better and now she has more tricks up her sleeve. I really love and loved working with Kelly! It was painless, collaborative, and everything unfolded beautifully. I have a few projects in the future (and possibly in a different state and city) and I cannot imagine not having her input at all. I am chasing her down wherever she goes.”

Brian G.

“Kelly Grimm helped with the design, planning, and coordination with a great contractor for raising my kitchen cabinets.  She was professional, timely, and a joy to work with.”

Stacie H.

“Awesome place! Rick Russell helped me so much!! He’s amazing. From start to finish it was superb! They were always on time for every project. Worked with me and my schedule. They were always available to answer my many questions and stayed patient while I changed my mind. I will stay with them forever!!!”

Dyann B.

“Working with Rick Russell of Lee Douglas Interiors, Inc. was an absolute pleasure. I never worried about a thing, Rick took care of everything! The work was always done on time, management of the project was impeccable and the design, simply amazing!”

Jerilyn D.

“I was having a hard time picking out tile for my kitchen when a friend offered to ask Abby from Lee Douglas to stop at my house and help me.  She came immediately and saved me from a nervous breakdown!  Since then she has worked through some of the decisions I made on my own and pulled it all together, beautifully.  Abby is confident, efficient, funny, talented, and an excellent designer.  I’m very grateful for her.”

Sioux Creek Forge

“I have worked with Lee Douglas Interior, Inc. on numerous projects over the last 2 1/2 years. I have done several metal projects, small and large from their designs. The clients were very pleased with the overall designs, and end results. They are very hands-on from the design stage to completion. Their designs are innovative, bold, and respectful of clients’ wishes.”

Lynda H.

“Rick at Lee Douglas is extremely knowledgeable and creative. We have worked with him for over 18 years. Rick has helped us find the “right” furniture, wall designs and fixtures. He has helped us renovate a bathroom and customized our home office. He has worked hard to help us furnish an old house and make it a comfortable home for our family. He has faithfully met deadlines and come in under our budget requirements. He is flexible and fun! The entire staff at Lee Douglas has always been helpful and resourceful.”

Cindy L.

“I have worked with Abby to completely remodel my entire main living area and I can say she is simply amazing! After speaking with her, she was able to capture the essence of our conversations and turn it into a space that reflects who we are and we always receive complements while entertaining. We continue to use her for other updates and will do so in the years to come.”

Loree T.

“The details make the design, and that is the philosophy of Lee Douglas Interiors. In 2014, a friend recommended Lee Douglas Interiors to help me redecorate the interior and exterior of my house, which my grandparents had built and lived in for 40 years. I was nervous because I had never used a designer, but we discussed my likes and dislikes, and what made me feel happy. The result was that they transformed a 1,200 square foot, modest 1959 ranch house (with a badly designed breezeway/garage addition) into an Old World European cottage that I absolutely love. They hire experienced and talented subcontractors, which was a huge relief to me, and use quality materials and furnishings. They are always friendly and available and ready to listen to my ideas. And a most important thing is that I trust them, and feel that they have my best interests at heart and do everything they can so that I will love my home. This wonderful experience has been life-changing, and they have taught me so much. They believe that all components are important to the overall design of a home; from a couch pillow to a roof. I am still consulting with them for advice on little touches here and there.”

Erin L.

“I have worked with Abby Fugleberg on several projects and was not only pleased with her design work, I thoroughly enjoyed the experiences. Abby is a charming young woman with a keen eye for style and comfort. Each time I have been involved with one of her projects, the customer was very pleased with the end result. Even my experience with Abby during a rather stressful deadline driven project was delightful. I have never seen her handle herself without the grace and dignity of which I have come to know her.”

Jennifer G.

“After completing a basement remodel we were in need of new furniture and were looking for items of contemporary design. Lee Douglas was the first place we went and found exactly what we were looking for. Rick Russell and his associate Gen were patient and very helpful in assisting us to find the perfect couch, chairs and tables. Each piece is of the utmost quality and we are thrilled with our new basement. Our items were special order and came in when promised. The staff at Lee Douglas couldn’t have been more professional, with a personal touch. We will be using their services in the future!”

Candy W.

“Abby Fugleberg is a joy to work with. To this point, we have only had her help us to pick out exterior and interior paint colors but we will definitely be consulting with her for more projects in the future.”

Chris & Ron H.

“My husband Ron and I have worked with Lee Douglas Interiors on three homes and have had a great result each time. Our home in Nebraska is classic European Style. Lee Douglas worked with us from blueprints to finish, including space planning, all permanent selections, and furnishings. We haven’t changed a thing in eleven years, because we love it, and it is timeless. Our other two homes in Arizona and Lake of the Ozarks are our get-a-ways. Our Arizona home was gutted and remodeled, and furnished by Lee Douglas Interiors -long distance. It is a wonderfully, sophisticated Spanish mission design. Our Ozarks home is light, fresh and easy living by the lake. We are confident using Lee Douglas. They provide versatile, high quality interior design service, from architectural design, space planning and room layout, to exterior and interior permanent selections. Most importantly, Lee Douglas works hard to identify your taste and style and incorporate that into any work they do for you, from traditional to Spanish mission to contemporary- just ask me!”

Deb S.

“I am of the conclusion that everyone should own the most comfortable home they can afford. Living in a home…well, that could be any place. Loving your home and feeling like it’s your own little resort…that’s almost indescribable. I understand that feeling now. Thanks for the hard work and all you have done for us. You told me you would take care of us…and you did!”

Kevin & Julie F.

“Clarissa worked on our new home design from finishes to furnishings. Both were very helpful and we get many compliments on the look of our home. We couldn’t be more pleased!”

Roxanne L.

“Clarissa assisted us and did the decorating for our new home. It is beautiful and Clarissa was a dream to work with. She is a professional and has a fabulous eye for design. Everything she suggested made our home even more beautiful. She listened to us and suggested things that stretched us to select things that we would have never chosen but were ideal choices. Lee Douglas Interiors has a lovely showroom and we selected many accessories, art, lamps, etc. from there and couldn’t be more satisfied. If we wouldn’t have had Clarissa’s help we would have still had a nice home but it would not have a spectacular finished look. I highly recommend her.”

Gail L.

“We had the pleasure of working with Clarissa at Lee Douglas Interiors during our entire building process, and it was just what we needed to get through the pressures of building a custom home.  The guidance was amazing, nothing like we had ever had before in building our 2 other homes.  Building with Clarissa at Lee Douglas Interiors gave us the assurance that things were being picked out, ordered and implemented without any worry on our part. Having everything at the studio selected prior by Clarissa for our final selection was perfect. Clarissa did a wonderful job! Actually a perfect job!”

Denise G.

“So glad that we met Kelly. We had a large walkout basement and did not have any idea how to decorate it or define separate living spaces within the room, Kelly gave us 3 creative layouts to choose from. We would not have thought of them on our own but she nailed our tastes. We loved them all and are thrilled with all the lovely pieces she suggested for us and we were still able to stay within our budget! We would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone!”

Jeff S.

“My wife and I absolutely loved working with Abby from Lee Douglas Interiors. Our new home looks amazing and it is in big part because of the choices that she helped us to make. Abby really helped us narrow down our ideas and made the process so much more enjoyable compared to how overwhelming choosing a new home would have been on our own. We really had fun shopping for our selections with Abby. Countertops, paint colors, tile, wood floors, everything looks awesome! Thanks!”

Zoe S.

“If it wasn’t for Kelly I would be still living in a big empty space of nothingness and no clue what to do and where to begin. You have not only a brilliant artsy designer, but also a caring soul that helped me and guided me to find the design that I love and a pretty house that I can live happily ever after. Thank you Kelly for all of your great ideas, hard work, pleasant to work with and consistent on a great quality!”

Natalie Y.

“I was overwhelmed on how to start and go about our home improvements. Designer Kelly Grimm came to the rescue. Her awesome services included: (1) Listening and having on-going dialogue to understand our wants (2) Providing both functional and aesthetic design solutions within our budget and (3) Coordinating these efforts with the contractor. Our small kitchen needed help and we got it. I’m very glad Kelly is our designer and we will continue to work with her!”


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