Most people are elated when warmer temps show up. Me? Not so much. I mean I like spring, but I like winter better – I hate hot weather! One of the perks however are my pots. I love being able to step out my back door and snatch some fresh rosemary or see ivy getting longer and longer as the summer goes on.
That leads me to this week’s blog…. How to do your spring pots!
I decided to do this not, because I am an expert in the field of plants but because when it comes to making a statement…. I got this!

Step 1
Inform your significant other that this will be fun and make them go shopping and then planting with you.

Step 2
Ready your pots. If you’re starting fresh, make sure there is a drain hole. Next, put some screen or netting over the hole, then pile on some gravel (or get this…pop or milk/plastic bottles) for drainage, and finally potting soil. It’s that easy.

Either I read or someone once told me, most great outdoor arrangements need a THRILLER, a FILLER and a SPILLER. How great is that?! I have always remembered that and do most of my pots accordingly.

Step 3
Implementing the Thriller, the Filler and the Spiller

The Thriller

This plant or item is the star of the show – the tree, the grasses, the tropical plant, the metal ball or an obelisk etc. It is most often planted in the center of the pot.

The Filler

This is what fills in and gives the Thriller it’s attention. The filler is the worker bee of the pot. Go for plants that fill in and become voluptuous. I love planting decorative kale when the temps are still cold. It gives me great color and texture as spring approaches and by the time it gets hot, my other fillers are finally growing in.

Why yes………..those are black petunias – are you surprised?

The Spiller

The spiller is the thing (or things) that spill over the edge. Often times this is what makes your pot go from ordinary to designer! I love potato vine and ivy or even adding grape vine to the outside of the pot. It just finishes everything off.

Step 4
Water the freshly planted pots or grab a glass of wine and make them do it!

Don’t forget to add interesting pots around with touches of foliage. Outdoor shelving and end tables are the perfect landing spot for fun smaller pieces.

Message rocks or ornamental iron can be jewelry for your summer pots – but don’t get junky – that ruins it.

Outdoor art can also be tucked into arrangements-ultra cool!

Remember a garden doesn’t have to be in the ground. One of mine is outside my door in tall boxes. I love it when I can grab herbs without bending over! This is ready for planting and by mid-summer will be spilling over with basil, thyme, sage, chives, parsley, kale, lettuce and tomatoes!

And when you just can’t make it (or have the time to maintain it)….Fake it

For example, at the studios, I don’t have time to water and trim etc., so fake it is. Even at my house in areas that are too far away for watering, I will often sneak in some fake. But don’t buy cheap, they fade and fall apart. We have great artificial foliage, balls etc. at the studios that can go outside. When it comes to fake – the same rules apply.

I hope this helps, and if it doesn’t, call us – we’ll do your pots and make you the envy of your entire neighborhood!



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