When I am training a new designer or working with the staff, I often tell them…when a client is struggling with telling us what they want…go straight to emotion.  When you use descriptive words, you can almost always pinpoint what people want.  My clients know that I will often say to them, “do you want this to feel demanding and in control or cozy and warm?” “do you want bright and happy or stunning and rich?” and “you want fast and cheap and right?” Too bad……can’t have them all, you only get 2 out of the three.  So, when this week’s blog topic came up, I decided to use descriptive words – they paint a picture.  Yes, there are rules to styles but who cares, the bottom line is you want your room to “feel” a certain way.  I’ve described the different interior design styles below so read through and see what makes your heart sing.  THAT is your style. 


Breezy, bleached, wavy, natural, light, wood

Cottage style

Worn, slipcovered, comfortable, casual, painted, lazy, simple, shabby, recycled


Balanced, mixed, comfortable, fresh, clean


Proper, classic, timeless, flawless, elaborate, ornate, collections, patterns


Clean, crisp, bold, sleek, pristine


Current, trendy, now, hip, shape


Less, clean, light, open, clutterless (is that even a word?), essential elements

Shabby Chic

Feminine, loose, pastels, light, soft, distressed


Exposed, raw, warehouse, hard, metal, wood

Mid-Century Modern

Slight, organic, wood, clean, nostalgic

French Country

Distressed, substance, warm, earthy, naturals, mixed, busy, brick, stone


Mixed, fun, colorful, patterns, bold, daring, eclectic, gathered


Rough, stone, wood, bold, dark, distressed, heavy, beams, vaulted