Let’s get started-

I hope you’re excited about our holiday blog. To get you prepared, I have made a shopping list (don’t spend it all – leave some for Lee Douglas Interiors – all the market merchandise is rolling in). If you like what you see, take some time and go get the following:

Covered wire

Wire clippers

Extension cords


Ribbon – Get several types that tell a story. Wired Ribbon is the best, because you can shape it. You may also want some colored twine, burlap or rope.

Artificial Holiday greens and garlands – You will be using some as a base for fresh greens, so they won’t show, it just makes your fresh go further and stand to attention. For these, go for inexpensive. Get a garland for the length of each mantle plus 20”. Measure any stairways and railings inside and out and multiply X 2 and that is the length of garlands you will need for these areas. Remember bars and bookshelves, drapery rods, windows, beds, entries, chandeliers etc. Garlands work perfect for a running base for these areas too. Remember- think inexpensive these are just a base. You will also be using some that are not hidden under fresh greens, so have a supply of holiday greens that are dressed up with pine cones, shimmer, crystals etc. Consider these the “jewelry” of your arrangements. Pick what you like- since the season is short, most will last outside for the holidays.

Fresh Greens – I you love the holidays, and want to decorate like a designer you will need a lot of fresh greens. They instantly infuse your home with the delightful smell of winter and they make everything look professionally done. I found a great buy on greens this year so I am passing that onto you. Put your order in now. I am keeping some stocked but will be getting deliveries every week over the next few weeks. A 30 lb box of greens is $69.00 and has a variety of noble fir, white pine, incense cedar, silver fir and juniper.

Lights – Get a lot! I am going to show you how to light a tree like a pro. Here is a guide- an 7 ½’ tree will take about 9 strings of lights (100 bulb). Anywhere you have an outlet, you can have light.

Height – You are going to need presentation so get some birch, dried naturals, or go find some taller twigs, or stripe some bamboo.

Ornaments – Think big. Just like accessories- my clients will say “I’m going on vacation, what should I buy?”. My response is and always will be – if you can fit it in your suitcase- don’t bother. As far as ornaments go – get a variety of sizes, but make sure some of them are big!

Statement pieces – If you see something you like, even if it isn’t holiday- grab it. We can use fun letters, sculpture, baskets, etc. I will show you how to incorporate them as our journey continues.