Arrangement how to’s and height rules

So it’s New Year’s Eve and you decided to host a dinner party. Yes, I know the food is the most important element to be concerned about, but somehow it just tastes better when your table looks great. In addition, the centerpiece is the focal point when guests arrive so plan accordingly.

There aren’t any “rules”, no centerpiece police force, and no real good information to go by in terms of the height, so here is my plan: I sit at the table with a tape measure and slouch, like you just ate a great meal and want to relax and visit and measure from table top to my eyes. Yep, that’s it. Either keep it below 12” or above 30”. In other words, see over it or below it, but don’t make people try to see through it.

If you have a great, long harvest table run a bunch of stuff down the middle and keep it thin. If you have a round or oval table a centerpiece above the head can be great. Either way you can keep either one formal or casual by what you choose. Like every other holiday blog I have posted, I have tried to get you to think outside the box to keep things fun, fresh and talked about.

Here are some things to consider:

Get Low: If you decide to keep it low for New Year’s here are some ideas: black top hats, your kids trumpet, confetti, glittered Mardi Gras masks, clocks, candles, empty martini glasses, scrabble pieces, individual quotes rolled up or thrown all over the table, sparklers, sheet music for Auld Lang Syne, which is Scottish and translated means “times gone by” (bet you didn’t know that, huh). Make a collection of these things and if all else fails, buy a can of gold and silver spray paint and spray anything you can find-automatic New Year’s Eve! Here are some paint ideas to get you thinking: kids wooden blocks, eye glasses, wine bottles, you get the picture.

Single Them Out: Putting an individual arrangement in front of each place setting can be really cute. For New Year’s, go get some old clocks and put one at each place or paint a mini champagne bottle, or label with your message. Print a New Year’s resolution list off and place at every setting with a glittered pencil. Keep an ornament frame from Christmas or go get some (they are all on sale right now)- and hang that off a candle with their name or a funny New Year’s Eve quote like:

Stretch: It doesn’t have to be in a vase. Use a pedestal from your house, or a table, or branch. Anything tall that is above your guests head and then have fun adorning it and topping it off. Hang your clocks off the branch or run a huge painted branch across the pedestal then drape beads, streamers, or even vintage New Year’s Eve pictures.

Get Hung Up: Don’t forget, you can always use your chandelier and have the party come down to your guests. Draping metallics, crystals, hanging baskets, lanterns, trinkets, etc. can be quick and festive.

Just make your table the party and it will become a party to remember!