Gathering naturals to enhance your holiday décor

You’re spending money on gifts, decorations, wrapping paper, dinners, outfits- don’t forget new furniture, draperies and accessories on sale as our gift to you for the holidays at Lee Douglas Interiors!

Today’s blog is a great way to SAVE money. I wandered around my yard the other day and cut down hydrangea heads, great dead gangly sticks, seed pods, and anything that had texture (think bark). You can use these in their natural state or you can paint them. Doug always says to guests, “Keep moving, if you stand idle too long, she’ll paint you.” Not true, but this time of year, perhaps. There are just too many ways that you can use texture and color at the holidays. So go grab some naturals and some spray paint- you are going to be amazed.

What to do with them when you have them:

  • Use them on gifts by tying them into the bows.
  • Put them in indoor or outside arrangements.
  • Freeze naturals in ice molds for gorgeous table settings.
  • Add them into your wreaths.
  • Put them in your tree.
  • Paint them bright colors and use in your kids trees.
  • Make small individual arrangements for each guest place setting.
  • Tie them into napkin rings.
  • Use them in menus or name cards at the table
  • Embellish you chair ties at your holiday table.
  • Add them to an ornament for a hostess gift.

Holiday décor is all around you and FREE. Be creative and try something new.