I don’t know about you, but it is December 26th and my tree is coming down! I love putting all of it away, cleaning it up, and getting back to normal life and house. However, I also love looking at those special ornaments when I get them out and then again when I wrap them and pack them far away.

I have told you in a previous blog about some of the ways to remember events or accomplishments, vacations or years through ornaments, but it is hard to remember when you’re on the beach in the dead of summer. The last thing on your mind is buying a trinket from a local vendor and dating it for your anniversary. Doug and I made it routine and it has done so much to make our tree ours and display our chronological history of events. Memorabilia makes your tree original and interesting. Here are some things that we try to accomplish every year:

  1. We frame a portion of our Christmas card photo and date the back so every year we have a new addition- This has become fairly depressing and created a need to up the cosmetic surgery account.
  2. We do the same thing with any animals we have (or kids- just don’t have any).
  3. We date any trinkets from any vacations we have had.
  4. We bought a special ornament when we were married, bought a house, built our house, started a business, made significant changes to our business, and had significant family member changes (births or deaths).
  5. We have also kept ornaments on our tree that people have given us. For example, I decorated the Bob Devaney Center for Mike Johann’s Inaugural Ball and he gave me a crystal ornament that year. Every year when I put that on the tree, I remember that event, the people who helped, and the funny things that happened.
  6. When friends give me ornaments, I date them and usually have them sign it. This is a great way to stay in touch at least in your mind!

Just to give you an idea here are just a few of our ornaments:

I’m showing you all these because I love this, and it makes Christmas time such a great time to reflect.

So, now that Christmas is over and we are headed for the New Year, sit back and look over 2015. Grab something that signifies the events from this year while you’re out shopping the sales and wrap them up for next year’s tree. Get yourself in the routine of going to a gift shop, a local vendor or even a gas station when you are on vacation or somewhere special. Grab whatever you can to remember the time and use these items on trees and garlands next year.

Happy Memories and you’re welcome!