How to change your holiday décor for a New Year’s celebration

The New Year is upon us. I remember getting a great dress, booking a hotel room, and going wild once a year on New Year’s Eve. Does that still happen or did I just get tired somewhere along the line? Now we plan a night of casual clothes, friends, and games (lame). That doesn’t mean it isn’t festive though, we still deck the halls and make the surroundings feel like a party!

If you are headed out of town, perhaps NYC times square for the ball drop (on my bucket list), or bringing in the new year somewhere besides home…….skip to tomorrow’s post. However, if you are hosting a gathering, read on.

There are great ways to transition your existing Christmas arrangements into New Years. When you start taking down Christmas, set aside the items that seem like they could be transitional. Gather these pieces and start setting your party area up.

Here are the items that I re-purposed:

  • Glass cylinders
  • Tin ornament
  • “Cheers” beverage buckets
  • Birch logs- which are now glittered
  • Deer head- also, now glittered
  • Gold magnolia leaves
  • Mirror
  • Candles
  • Clock

Repurposing these items (and some of the other ideas in the previous blogs) can make for a successful holiday party.

Everyone gathers in the kitchen or around the bar so move your food and drink to an area that you want people. In other words, if you don’t want them in the kitchen, move the food and you. The party usually follows the host. Choosing an area that people will have room to grab food or drink and still escape is important in party prep. Once you have established the spot, grab a table or cart or whatever you have that is between 30”tall- table height and 42” tall-bar height. You can use lifts to get items higher if you need to.

In addition, you can use fun items that are not related to the Holiday. For example, I found a battery operated Marquee, some gold straws, some glam glasses, some numbers that were cake toppers and used them to spell out 2016, and lanterns. Most of these items can be used for entertaining throughout the year.

So now putting it all together.

This is what I did:

  1. Table first
  2. Message on the mirror
  3. Candles for ambiance
  4. Clock telling the story

Personalized labels on mini champagnes in Chinese takeout boxes and the message “Wishing you nothing but good fortune in 2016” for my guest take away gift

Glittered my deer head, birch, and champagne bottle bottom

Put the cake topper numbers on a cylinder and filled it with some ornaments

Attached a memory ornament from our 2015 Christmas card and

Finally, I polished it all off with metallic icicles, confetti, horns and coaster (which we sell at LDI) with the quote, “Stick around. I may need someone to blame.” -Oscar Wilde

You will be surprised what you come up with when you start looking at what you have. Make it fun, make it festive and use any reason to celebrate. Happy New Year!