How to change up your Christmas decorations every year without starting over

I’m sure you are like me, you pack away Christmas a certain way. You have some containers that hold the ornaments, some that pack up the mantle garlands and everything on them, some for lights (just pitch them, seriously, they won’t work next year anyway), etc. Although, I have found that if you separate everything vs. putting it away as a unit, you are more creative the next year.

For example:

  • Put all your ornaments together, whether they were on a tree or in a garland or just hanging from an empty frame.
  • Put all your Christmas décor that you use that aren’t just ornaments in one area or container.
  • Put all your garlands together.
  • Put all your ribbons you used, or angel hair, or decorative garlands together.

I’m not telling you this as an organization tip. I am telling you this so you don’t do the same thing every year. It gets so easy to take your mantle down, use one storage container to put it all in and then take it out next year and set it up the same way again the next year. BORING. Give it a rest!

When you mix it all up, you don’t remember what you did and it forces you to be creative the next time! So go shopping, add some great new things, but put it all away separately, not as a unit.

“Creative People do not see things for what they are; They see them for what they can be”

-Julie Israel