Making a beautiful bar

This time of the year there may be too much bellying up to the bar! But, if you are going to entertain, you better do it right. I am not talking about the booze, there are all kinds of debates to be had there, and I’m not going there. I’m talking about the “look” of the bar, the placement of the bar, and ideas for making the bar festive.

Think outside of the location box! I try to move bars around so every party seems a little different. We have a bar cart that we put in different spots all the time. These can be the bar for smaller parties, or used as part of the bar for larger parties, or even a separate bar when you want multiple locations.

Think of the following possibilities:

Clear off a console table and make a bar there.

Empty an armoire and turn it into a bar, a “barmoire”. This can be so cool.

Turn a dining table into the bar and take away the chairs.

Pull a wheelbarrow into the house or by the back door, line with plastic and fill with ice.

If you have a bathtub like this in a spot where guests can go, fill it with ice and put a fun message on a chalkboard behind it and you will have a great mini bar that will start some fun conversations.

Anything outdoors that is close to the house can be fun for a bar. We always line this shelf up with drinks and for bigger parties we add this great old trough. This can be gorgeous when all decked out. (If I do say so myself)

The following are my set up rules for great looking bars:

  1. Have highs and lows for interest
  2. Have something party related as a centerpiece- flowers, mirror with bar menu written on it, a fun saying on a chalkboard, like “help yourself”, or “trust me you can dance”-Vodka
  3. Have glasses for every type of drink on the bar and separate
  4. Have a way for guests to open drinks. Nothing worse than seeing your guests try to get one off with their teeth (hillbilly)
  5. Cocktail napkins
  6. Stir sticks
  7. Garnishes
  8. Shakers if needed
  9. Ice, and a way to get it out

Now that you have a fun location(s), and your bar is all decked out…Cheers!